Lync 2010 CU8 März 2013 ist verfügbar


Microsoft hat für Lync 2010 das CU8 zum Download freigegeben.

For Lync 2010 CU8 fixes the following issues

  • 2796741 A user unexpectedly signs in to Lync 2010 as another user without a prompt for credentials after a cumulative update for Lync 2010 that is dated February 2012 or later installed
  • 2796749 IM window opens unexpectedly when you use the IME to search in Lync 2010
  • 2796750 Lync 2010 contacts list does not display in alphabetical order after a contact’s name is changed in the Contacts folder in Outlook
  • 2796753 An update is available to enable you to join a meeting by using Lync 2010 when a proxy authentication is required
  • 2796757 Error message when you try to send an email message to a contact in Lync 2010 on a computer that does not have Outlook installed
  • 2796742 An update enables participants to join meeting audio by telephone or phone when the meeting is organized by an audio/video-disabled user in Lync 2010
  • 2796743 Call transfer is not successful when you use UI suppression in a Microsoft Lync 2010 SDK application
  • 2796746 You cannot use Lync 2010 to join a Lync Online meeting that was created by a user in a non-federated organization
  • 2793014 Error message when you try to join a Lync Online meeting that is created by a user in a non-federated organization in Lync 2010

Update für den Lync Client:
Na dann, Viel Spass beim selber Testen!


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