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Windows 7: Aktivierungsfehler bei OEM Rechner aufgrund BIOS ACPI_SLIC Tabellen Fehler

Posted by JoergS - 4. August 2010


bei OEM-Rechnern mit vorinstalliertem Windows 7 kann es zu Fehlern bei der Aktivierung von Windows 7 kommen. Das beschreibt der KB Artikel 942962. Darin treten wohl speziell bei den

  • Lenovo X60 – BIOS : 2.00 (7BETB3BL) 2006-08-07
  • Lenovo T60 – BIOS : 2.00 (79ETB3BL)

Fehler bei der Aktivierung auf.

„When you try to activate Vista or Windows 7 on a OEM PC or notebook, the activation process can fail due to issues related to ACPI_SLIC table some OEMs use in their computer’s BIOS. „This problem occurs if KMS server doesn’t find a valid Windows marker in ACPI_SLIC table in computer’s BIOS program. Or You purchased a computer that has qualifying Windows. However, Windows marker in ACPI_SLIC table is corrupted. Or You purchased a computer that doesn’t have qualifying Windows. In this case, Windows marker isn’t present in ACPI_SLIC table“,“ informs Microsoft in KB942962.

Microsoft pointed that Lenovo machines with following BIOS: X60 – BIOS : 2.00 (7BETB3BL) 2006-08-07 and T60 – BIOS : 2.00 (79ETB3BL) can produce failed installations when customers attempt to activate either Win7 or Vista via KMS server.

You receive any of following error messages:

Error message 1

Error Code: Invalid Volume License Key
In order to activate, you need to change your product key to a valid Multiple Activation Key (MAK) or Retail key.
You must have a qualifying operating system license AND a Volume license Windows <operating system> upgrade license, or a full license for Windows <operating system> through an OEM or from a retail source .
Error message 2
Error Code: 0xC004F059
Description: The Software Licensing Service reported that a license in the computer BIOS is invalid.
Error Code: 0xc004f035
The Software Licensing Service reported that the computer could not be activated with a Volume license product key. Volume licensed systems require upgrading from a qualified operating system. Please contact your system administrator or use a different type of key.
This behavior occurs when the following conditions are true:
  • You are using the Key Management Service (KMS) to perform activation.
  • The computer uses an ACPI_SLIC table in the computer BIOS program.

Note An ACPI_SLIC table is used by an Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI)-compliant BIOS program to store Software Licensing description information

Cause 1

// You purchased a computer that has a qualifying Windows operating system installed. However, the Windows marker in the ACPI_SLIC table is corrupted.

Cause 2

// You purchased a computer that does not have a qualifying Windows operating system installed. In this case, the Windows marker is not present in the ACPI_SLIC table.

Eine wirkliche Lösung gibt es leider nicht. Man kann nur mit dem MGADiag tool die BInformationen des BIOS auslesen und muss wohl Kontakt mit dem Hersteller bzw. Microsoft aufnehmen …

Na dann, Viel Spass beim selber Testen!


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