Forefront IAG/UAG: Windows 7, IE 8 und 64 bit client side support


auf Faisal Hussain’s weblog und im TechNet UAG Forum wird nun klargestellt, was mit Forefront IAG & UAG sowie Clients wie Windows 7, IE 8 und 64 Bit Clients  wie supported ist:

As I understand based on information I have about windows 7 support would be fully available for UAG (Unified Application Gateway) only. There are two Win7 clients, 32bits and 64bits and the answers are different per platform:

For 32 bit clients: SSL Network Tunneling (Network Connector) won’t work (Win7 + UAG offers instead SSTP) and Terminal Services (RDP) won’t work (TSG will). Please also note that SSL Application Tunneling will only work in socket forwarding (no port forwarding is supported).

For 64 bit clients: in addition to the above, SSL Application Tunneling and Socket Forwarding won’t work, TSG will only work on 32bit IE that supports ActiveX.

As far as I know for IAG there would only be support for 32 bit clients and is expected with update 3 that will be released end of December. IE 8 is fully supported with IAG 3.7 SP2 Update 2 only.

For more clarification please refer to UAG forum:

Na dann, Viel Spass beim selber Testen!


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