Forefront TMG and Windows 7 DirectAccess Guide


das Forefront TMG (ISA Server) Product Team hat in seinem Blog einen kleinen Guide zur Installation und Konfiguration von DirectAccess auf dem Forefront TMG beschreibt:

Forefront TMG and Windows® 7 DirectAccess

Install Forefront TMG

By default Forefront TMG disables various IPv6 transition technologies in Windows. In order to prevent Forefront TMG Setup from doing this, create the following .reg file and import it to the registry:


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




After the key has been imported, install Forefront TMG.

Please note that once Forefront TMG is installed it takes control of the Windows Firewall’s firewall category to prevent the existence of duplicate policies on the same machine. If you open the “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security” console you will see a warning similar to the one below:


Enable DirectAccess support in Forefront TMG

In order to enable DirectAccess support in Forefront TMG, create and run the following script:


set o = createobject("fpc.root")

set arr = o.Arrays.Item(1)

set policy = arr.ArrayPolicy

set IPV6Settings = policy.IPv6Settings

IPV6Settings.DirectAccessEnabled = vbTrue


After Forefront TMG synchronizes to the new configuration, the following changes take place:

1. IPv6 infrastructure and transition technologies to and from Forefront TMG are allowed by enabling the relevant rules in the Forefront TMG system policy (rules 48-51 in the screenshot below).

2. Forefront TMG routes authenticated IPv6 traffic through it.

Na dann, Viel Spass beim selber Testen!


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