Microsoft Pro Photo Tools 2 veröffentlich!


letzte Woche wurden die Microsoft Pro Photo Tools 2 veröffentlicht!

Neu in Version 2 ist:

  • Support for reading and writing metadata to/from XMP side cars so that metadata will interoperate with Adobe products. This is in addition to reading and writing from the file.
  • Users can convert from RAW to JPEG, TIFF, and HD Photo using "As Shot" settings. This includes the ability to resize the image.
  • Users can view actual RAW image in addition to thumbnails
  • Support for 64-bit Windows
  • Support for international locales
  • Improved UI for geotagging
  • Zur Installation der Version 2 muss zuerst eine ggf. installierte Vorversion deinstalliert werden!
    image imageimage imageimageimage

    image image

    Download: Microsoft Pro Photo Tools 2

    Na dann, Viel Spass beim selber Testen!


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